Charity Activities

Charity Activities

How are we giving back?


Giving back has always been an important part of the culture at Eurobubblies. We are committed to strengthening communities in areas where support is needed the most.
To that end, Eurobubblies contributes to the development of local communities in the northern part of Uganda in partnership with the non-governmental organization UPA, Ugandan Pioneers Association.
Eurobubblies is sponsoring the Future Foundation Nursery School Orphanage Centre of Terego, a project consisting in giving educational support to orphans aged from 3 to 14 years; most of them being issued from families affected by HIV/Aids. By providing a financial support to the project, Eurobubblies allows the construction of the nursery school and gives access to education and healthcare to the most vulnerable kids.
To find out more about the actions of Eurobubblies and UPA, we invite you to visit UPA website:


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